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  • Celebrating 75 years in business.

  • We are celebrating 75 years of business this year, and to mark this achievement we will be using new branding just for 2023. We will be celebrating our history, our accomplishments, and our people across the year.

    To give some sense of how long we have been here, back in 1948; the long-playing record had just been invented, CD’s were science fiction, Scrabble was introduced, and the first Polaroid Camera went on sale. By being innovative and adaptable, like technology, we have changed a lot to stay at the forefront.

    It’s a long Journey from 1948 to the Markhams of today, but the principles we had then still apply - honesty, integrity, and commitment to providing the best possible services.

    We are still working today with the same clients from 1948, as well as a few new ones, which is testimony indeed to the reliable service we provide.

    In the high-pressure world of construction, working with Markhams makes a huge difference. We are all proud of what we do and where we have come from.

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  • Projects

    Bourke Gardens Extra Care Scheme, 56 Apartments with double balconies or terrace built to achieve HAPPI Standards and BREEAM 'Very Good'.

  • Vauxhall Sports and Social Club and the Multi Story Plaza 1821 on the Liverpool Waterfront.